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Loaner Programs

Loaner Fan

ENERVEX is offering a very unique program to assist you in promoting and selling our chimney fans and other products. You may take advantage of this program in conjunction with home shows in your area or at special events in your store:

ENERVEX will ship a working display (see picture at left), including a poster to display in your booth or in the area that features the display. You will also receive a quantity of free brochures to hand out to your customers. The display arrives in a crate, ready to roll-out. Simply plug-in an outlet, and you are ready to demonstrate. We can also assist you with submission of press releases to your local media as well as training on how to demonstrate the fan to your customers.

The display is shipped to you free of charge, and we will arrange to have it picked up, once the event is over. Please contact us at (800) 255-2923 or via email at

Vacu-Fan Loaner

Another sales tool that is available to you is the Vacu-Fan:

The Vacu-Fan is a working RS fan that is equipped with a cord, ready to be plugged in. Use this fan to demonstrate to your customer – you may even install it on his fireplace and let him use it before he makes up his mind. A test of the fan on the fireplace will allow the customer to see for himself how the fan will solve his smoking problem instantly – and he will be amazed at how quiet it is. Please contact us at (800) 255-2923 or via email at

Use of the Loaner Fan and the Vacu-Fan is subject to availability, so book early!
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